Making an early start at the age of 16 years in a small village of Haryana, Mr. Surender Kumar has come a long way. Being the Director of the organization, he is the main pillar of strength and motivation that the team looks upto. His experience of more than 2 decades in the manufacturing industry has been an unparalleled asset. Since 2003 he has been associated with a leading Indian telecom company. It was five years ago when he diversified his interests and ventured into solar business. Ever since there has been no looking back. Today OFCA is all set to enter the market of solar PV module manufacturing. With an aim to take the organization to pioneers of success, Mr. Surender has been leading by example.

OFCA Power Technology Pvt ltd

Varun Kumar is the Director of OFCA Power Technology Pvt. Ltd. His experience as an entrepreneur in technical field has proved to be an added benefit. By being a leading contractor in Haryana and Punjab govt. for power project rectification, we have carved a niche for ourselves. He brings with himself 16 years of experience and technical knowhow. Under Mr. Varun’s dynamic and able leadership, the company has taken leaps and bounds on the path of success. Mr. Varun has been associated with OFCA since the past five years and has always been a driving force for the organization.

Varun Kumar, Director
OFCA Power Technology Pvt ltd

Mr Balwan Singh has started his carreer as an athelete and made Delhi pride and won many awards at state level in long marathons. After that he joined respected Delhi Police and served there for 10 years. But his spirirt of becoming enterpreneus is somewhere in their mind and the result is he joined hands in OFCA in 2003. Afetr successfully completion of the tenure in OFCA the whole team entered in SOLAR space and the result is in front of all, today we are at the stage of manufacturing Solar PV module of our own with world class manufacturing facilty in Manesar. We are also making our India pride while producing world class Solar PV modules here in India. Mr Balwan drafted OFCA solar division vision to become the leading supplier of Solar products globally.

OFCA Power Technology Pvt ltd

Himanshu is a B.E. and Management Graduate and has an experience of over a decade in three prominent industries – telecom, banking, and power solutions. Throughout his career he has handled all the job responsibilities with utmost care. By striving for success and offering innovative ideas and solutions, Himanshu has been an asset for the organization. After joining the business as the Vice President of OFCA Power Technology Pvt. Ltd. Mr. Kansal took charge of the entire management team. His continuous endeavors have helped OFCA spearhead in the direction of success and glory.

HIMANSHU KANSAL , Vice president
OFCA Power Technology Pvt ltd

Mr. Madhu Sudhan Gupta is in charge of EPC Projects. He is an electrical graduate and has an experience of more than 4 decades with Uttar Pradesh Power Corporation Pvt. Ltd. as Assistant Engineer. Through the course of his tenure he has been recognized as the best. At OFCA Mr. Gupta has been successfully looking after the company’s engineering product development activities. He focuses on structuring, operation of the product development engineering function as a cohesive unit, and most importantly effectively managing all aspects of the project. His detailed knowledge about business and leadership qualities make him one of the strongest resources of the team.

Mr. Madhu Sudan Gupta, Business Consultant
OFCA Power Technology Pvt ltd

Mr Suresh is having rich experience in the Solar PV Module manufacturing and Cell manufacturing with different reputed organization before joining hands with OFCA group as Production Head.He worked in Moser bare, Jupitar Solar Power Ltd, Alpex Export Pvt Ltd and Photonix Solar Pvt Ltd.
Professionally he is telecommunication engineer and having throughout experience in Module manufacturing line in leading position as plant head.

Suresh Kumar, Production and Operation Head
OFCA Power Technology Pvt ltd